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Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

               Fill Cancellations

               Fill Cancellations

      Text Messaging

      Text Messaging

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Appointment Reminders

A Simple Solution

This is the 21st Century. There is a better way to reduce No Shows and Cancellations - automated appointment reminders.

Our reminder system

  • Uses text, voice and email 
  • Allows for messages tailored to each appointment type
  • Encourages patients to actively confirm they're coming to their appointment 
  • Can send a follow-up message based on the patient's response 
  • Can immediately note the patient's response in your scheduling system 
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Filled Cancellations

Seamless integration. Industry Exclusive.

Cancellations are more than an annoyance. They disrupt your schedule, causing a domino effect of problems throughout your clinic, draining productivity, revenue and valuable opportunities from other patients. 

We turn cancellations into filled appointments.

Our Cancellation Filling System Automatically

  • Watches your schedule (or our reminders) for cancellations in the next few days

  • When we see a cancellation, the system automatically:

    • Checks who is waiting for a better appointment time

    • Ranks them (because all patients were not created equal)

    • Starting with the best patient, sends each patient, one-at-a-time, a text message offering the better appointment 

  • When a patient accepts our offer, the system reschedules the appointment (with no additional work for your staff)

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Text Communication

21st Century communication

Patients, just like regular consumers, prefer texting over emails, and even telephone calls, when wanting customer service (Source: Twilio). As healthcare providers, we are slow to meeting consumers on their terms. Our two-way text communication modules let patients communicate with you asynchronously, all in a HIPAA-compliant manner. 

Our Platforms allow your practice to:

  • Receive and send text messaging directly from your staffs' desktops
  • Respond to appointment requests in real-time
  • Answer questions without tying up telephone resources
  • Cancel a complete clinic day and send a notice to all affect patients in less than two minutes

Greater Staff Efficiency and Revenue

Staff will spend less time managing schedules, making outbound phone calls, leaving messages, fielding return phone calls, and calling patients back. Instead, they can focus on tasks that make better use of their time and skills.


“Jaystreet Technologies solved a couple big problems for us. First, it helped us take cancellations and turn them into appointments with other patients, so we didn’t lose the revenue we needed in our day-to-day operations, and we could keep our patient calendar optimized for our business. Second, by using this solution, we are maximizing access for our patients and families, helping to ensure the right care at the right time. It was a game-changing product for us.”

— Lisa Kogan-Praska, CEO, Catalpa Health

Over 1/2 of US Households use ONLY cell phones
— July 2017, US Dept. of Labor & Statistics

MakE the process easier

As both consumers of healthcare and healthcare professionals ourselves, we have been driven to "make the process easier."

Which process? All of them.

Healthcare has become incredibly complex to navigate. Our MOONSHOT, if you will, is to increase access to healthcare by eliminating complexity wherever possible. Our first step was a solution to fill cancelled appointments. Having run clinics ourselves, we knew there was a better way than post-it notes and phone calls. AVENUE was born and immediately increased access to providers.

Building on the success of Avenue, we knew we could do better and built BOULEVARD to make things faster and easier for clinical staff. We're proud of Boulevard in that it eliminates more administrative tasks by directly integrating with clients' scheduling systems allowing for some pretty amazing services. Because we live in Wisconsin and experience the joy of snow days where clinics must shut unexpected, our favorite feature is "Blackout". Blackout allows staff to cancel a whole clinic day (or just part of a day) AND contact the affected patients all with a few mouse clicks. That's a better way! 

Somewhere along the way we realized that we could improve on the age-old appointment reminder process and built our own. We built it to improve on the patient experience as well as to increase the percentage of patients that arrive for their appointments. The two-way reminder process and attention to delivering a true solution for our clients has made this function a leader.

The latest innovation we have brought to healthcare is a two-way text communication platform. We often found ourselves searching for providers (and other consumer goods and services) on our smart phones. The friction we identified was that even though we found what we wanted, we were only afforded a phone number to reach the clinics. We didn't really want to talk to anyone, per se, we just needed some information and wished there was a way to easily text the clinic. Kind of like the Norelco Razor, not finding a solution, we built one. The potential of this product to make healthcare easily accessible has us truly excited!

Join us as we Make The Process Easier.

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