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Appointment Reminders

A Simple Solution

This is the 21st Century. There is a better way to reduce No Shows and Cancellations - automated appointment reminders.

Our reminder system

  • Uses text, voice and email 
  • Allows for messages tailored to each appointment type
  • Encourages patients to actively confirm they're coming to their appointment 
  • Can send a follow-up message based on the patient's response 
  • Can immediately note the patient's response in your scheduling system 
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Filled Cancellations

Seamless integration. Industry Exclusive.

Cancellations are more than an annoyance. They disrupt your schedule, causing a domino effect of problems throughout your clinic, draining productivity, revenue and valuable opportunities from other patients. 

We turn cancellations into filled appointments.

Our Cancellation Filling System Automatically

  • Watches your schedule (or our reminders) for cancellations in the next few days

  • When we see a cancellation, the system automatically:

    • Checks who is waiting for a better appointment time

    • Ranks them (because all patients were not created equal)

    • Starting with the best patient, sends each patient, one-at-a-time, a text message offering the better appointment 

  • When a patient accepts our offer, the system reschedules the appointment (with no additional work for your staff)