A Simple Solution

This is the 21st Century. There is a better way. A way you can easily fill cancelled appointments, see more patients, increse their satisfaction, and make better use of your staff's time and skills.

In fact, there are two ways.

Introducing Avenue and Boulevard

Avenue. Your ScheduleR's Best Friend

When you get a cancellation, your scheduler opens Avenue in any web browser, inputting information about the new opening. Avenue then goes to work, prioritizing and then texting patients on your wait list, one at a time according to your preferences, to offer the new appointment. When it finds a patient to take the appointment, it notifies your scheduler, who updates the schedule.

Boulevard. Seamless integration. Industry Exclusive.

Boulevard is the only software in the industry to automate cancellation, reminders and post-appointment communication.

Like Avenue, Boulevard automatically contacts patients on your wait list via text message. However, instead of requiring a separate browser, Boulevard integrates seamlessly into your scheduling system. Once the original appointment is scheduled, and the patient is placed on the wait list for an earlier appointment, Boulevard takes over. When appointments open up due to cancellation, Boulevard automatically contacts patients and updates the schedule. It can also automate appointment reminders and post-appointment follow-up.