Managing Appointment reminders

Avenue and Boulevard also offer a smart, simple solution for managing your appointment reminders. You can use them to automate email, text and voice reminders, and you can sequence and escalate them according to your preferences.

For example, you tell the system to send email confirmations to patients two weeks prior to appointments. If they don’t confirm, the system can send a text message three days before the appointment. If they still don’t confirm, it can place an automated voice call two days prior.

All you have to do is indicate your preferences for when and how you want patients to be contacted, and upload your patients’ appointments and contact information (Boulevard uploads it automatically).


Happy Patients, Greater Access

Offering patients the opportunity to be on a waiting list for an earlier appointment goes a long way. It instantly tells them that you care about their time and convenience, and that you want to provide them with the best care possible, as soon as possible.

Avenue and Boulevard make this extremely easy. Patients don’t have to download an app or do anything out of the ordinary. They just have to have a phone.

With fewer unused appointments, you’ll be able to see more patients and improve patient access levels.

As appointment lead times go down, patients will be more satisfied with their service, and your scores will go up.


Greater Staff Efficiency and Revenue

Staff will spend less time managing schedules, making outbound phone calls, leaving messages, fielding return phone calls, and calling patients back. Instead, they can focus on tasks that make better use of their time and skills.

More filled appointments means greater revenue, as a major cause of revenue drain is plugged.



“Avenue solved a couple big problems for us. First, it helped us take cancellations and turn them into appointments with other patients, so we didn’t lose the revenue we needed in our day-to-day operations, and we could keep our patient calendar optimized for our business. Second, by using this solution, we are maximizing access for our patients and families, helping to ensure the right care at the right time. It was a game-changing product for us.”

— Lisa Kogan-Praska, CEO, Catalpa Health