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Text Communication

21st Century communication

Patients, just like regular consumers, prefer texting over emails, and even telephone calls, when wanting customer service (Source: Twilio). As healthcare providers, we are slow to meeting consumers on their terms. Our two-way text communication modules let patients communicate with you asynchronously, all in a HIPAA-compliant manner. 

Our Platforms allow your practice to:

  • Receive and send text messaging directly from your staffs' desktops
  • Respond to appointment requests in real-time
  • Answer questions without tying up telephone resources
  • Cancel a complete clinic day and send a notice to all affect patients in less than two minutes

Greater Staff Efficiency and Revenue

Staff will spend less time managing schedules, making outbound phone calls, leaving messages, fielding return phone calls, and calling patients back. Instead, they can focus on tasks that make better use of their time and skills.


“Jaystreet Technologies solved a couple big problems for us. First, it helped us take cancellations and turn them into appointments with other patients, so we didn’t lose the revenue we needed in our day-to-day operations, and we could keep our patient calendar optimized for our business. Second, by using this solution, we are maximizing access for our patients and families, helping to ensure the right care at the right time. It was a game-changing product for us.”

— Lisa Kogan-Praska, CEO, Catalpa Health

Over 1/2 of US Households use ONLY cell phones
— July 2017, US Dept. of Labor & Statistics