MakE the process easier

As both consumers of healthcare and healthcare professionals ourselves, we have been driven to "make the process easier."

Which process? All of them.

Healthcare has become incredibly complex to navigate. Our MOONSHOT, if you will, is to increase access to healthcare by eliminating complexity wherever possible. Our first step was a solution to fill cancelled appointments. Having run clinics ourselves, we knew there was a better way than post-it notes and phone calls. AVENUE was born and immediately increased access to providers.

Building on the success of Avenue, we knew we could do better and built BOULEVARD to make things faster and easier for clinical staff. We're proud of Boulevard in that it eliminates more administrative tasks by directly integrating with clients' scheduling systems allowing for some pretty amazing services. Because we live in Wisconsin and experience the joy of snow days where clinics must shut unexpected, our favorite feature is "Blackout". Blackout allows staff to cancel a whole clinic day (or just part of a day) AND contact the affected patients all with a few mouse clicks. That's a better way! 

Somewhere along the way we realized that we could improve on the age-old appointment reminder process and built our own. We built it to improve on the patient experience as well as to increase the percentage of patients that arrive for their appointments. The two-way reminder process and attention to delivering a true solution for our clients has made this function a leader.

The latest innovation we have brought to healthcare is a two-way text communication platform. We often found ourselves searching for providers (and other consumer goods and services) on our smart phones. The friction we identified was that even though we found what we wanted, we were only afforded a phone number to reach the clinics. We didn't really want to talk to anyone, per se, we just needed some information and wished there was a way to easily text the clinic. Kind of like the Norelco Razor, not finding a solution, we built one. The potential of this product to make healthcare easily accessible has us truly excited!

Join us as we Make The Process Easier.