Making the process easier

Tom Dewane, founder and president of Jaystreet Technologies, saw a problem and knew there had to be a better way. When he couldn’t find one, he created one.

He was running a high-volume orthopedic practice in Wisconsin, when he noticed a problem. Quite frequently physicians were in his office, talking to him, at times when they were scheduled to see patients.

Why weren’t they seeing the patients? Because they cancelled or didn’t show.

Tom knew this had to stop, because any time doctors didn’t see patients was time they would never recover. Lost time means lost revenue, fewer patients seen, and nothing resembling an efficient practice.

Tom’s clinic handled cancellations the same many other clinics do. They either hoped a walk-in would show, or the schedulers would take the time to call patients, usually leaving a message, to offer a new appointment time.

The results were almost always the same - appointments went unfilled.

Tom thought there had to be a better way, and began looking for solutions. To his surprise, there were none to be found. No one had developed a solution to the problem.

Shortly after that, Tom founded Jaystreet Technologies with the bold mission of eliminating waste in healthcare. So far, the company has developed two products, Avenue and Boulevard, which automate the process of filling cancelled appointments and reduce the effect of a problem so many practices face.

The mission of Jaystreet Technologies is to look at issues within healthcare and ask the question, “How can we make this easier?” It was this approach that led to the development of Avenue and Boulevard. It also led to Tom being named a Healthcare Transformer by StartUp Health, an organization of entrepreneurs dedicated to reinventing healthcare.

More good things are on the horizon. Keep in touch and join us in our effort to increase access, productivity, and efficiency in healthcare.